Psychological Assessment

School Neuropsychology is an emerging field that combines neuropsychological assessment with the knowledge obtained as a school psychologists.  Too often, children assessed by a clinical neuropsychologist do not receive recommendations that aide learning in the school setting.

A school neuropsychological evaluation not only provides clinical information about your child’s strengths and weaknesses but recommends targeted intervention to help your child at both home and school.

This type of assessment is an important service used to help identify a client’s unique strengths and weaknesses to assist the client in functioning better in their current environment.  Dr. Rhodes has advanced training in the field of School Neuropsychology.

Psychological assessment, in general, involves a number of steps and may include the use of psychological tests, observations, interviews and observations. An excellent psychological assessment can help determine if a child has a learning or developmental disability or may be helpful in helping a treating therapist create a treatment plan for a child or adolescent. Dr. Rhodes has extensive training in psychological testing in young children, school age children and adolescents. She is also an expert in assessing parent-child relationships and conducting parenting capacity evaluations.

Location of Services

Dr. Rhodes believes that psychological assessment should be convenient for families.  Not only does this alleviate stress but also allows Dr. Rhodes to see you and your child in a more natural environment.  For this reason, Dr. Rhodes often travels to her clients and chooses a testing location convenient for all involved.  Dr. Rhodes is capable of providing testing services in either New York or San Francisco and will work with you to determine the best location for you and your child.