Child Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is a specialized field of psychology that combines issues relevant to psychology and the law in order to help the court or attorneys answer questions relevant to the legal system.

Family Law is one area of specialization of a forensic psychologist. In this role, a psychologist is retained to evaluate, consult or provide expert testimony on cases that are involved in the family, juvenile or dependency court system.

Dr. Rhodes has training in evaluating and assessing children and families involved in the family and dependency court system.  Additionally, Dr. Rhodes specializes  in working with children ages 5 and younger. Becoming involved with the court system can often feel like you are hanging onto the end of your rope. Dr. Rhodes can help you navigate the court system and help you decide what type of service you need.

These forensic services include:

    • Parent-Child Relationship Assessments
    • Psychotherapy for adults who are experiencing symptoms related to a separation or divorce
    • Child Custody Mediation
    • Co-parent Counseling
    • Parent Consultation regarding issues related to separation and/or divorce
    • Child Custody Evaluations
    • Brief Focused Assessments
    • Court ordered psychological evaluations
    • Work product review and consultation to attorneys regarding cases of children ages 5 and younger

Please note that Dr. Rhodes will only accept child therapy referrals in New York City during a high conflict divorce if the family is currently working with other professionals such as a co-parent counselor or special master.