Lego did what for Girls?

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Yesterday, SFGate published an article on Lego’s new toys aimed at girls. The article pointed out the negative gender stereotypes and why Lego is currently being criticized for its new line. Lego deserves the criticism. It is one thing to choose gender specific colors and hold onto overall concept of what has made Lego, well Lego. It is an entirely different issue to change the concept and add girly colors to promote a new product that appears to belong to an entirely different company.

As a child psychologist, I have always loved Legos. Not for the kits or the colors but for the opportunity to allow all children to use their imagination to build what they desire. Boys and girls often gravitate toward these beloved blocks. While I would not be opposed to adding different colors to my Lego bucket, I certainly will not be buying these sets which clearly are not meant to augment a young girl’s intelligence but are meant to continue to imply that girls are not meant to be future engineers.

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